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TOP-10 richest and smartest investors of all times


Fortunes are made not only on the legendary Wall-street. Most successful and richest investors reveal the stories behind their financial triumph and it turns out that most of them weren’t born with a silver spoon in a mouth. However, all

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Making Passive Income on Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual fund investment is a common thing and you take part in it even if you do not know it. Your IRA’s 401 (k) retirement programs – all of these are ran by mutual funds. Although, most of people do

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Investing in Funds for Individuals


One will never become rich and wealthy by just saving a part of monthly income. The key to financial success is always investments, whether it’s a short-term or a long-term investment. Along with other types of investments, funds have its

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Top 6 Alternative investments with the good return!

What Are Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are, actually, anything which does not involve classic investment vehicles like bonds, stocks, options and real estate. In long-term portfolios, alternative investments play a key balancing role, bringing quick and sometimes high yields, so the investor has more

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