TOP 10 businesses to invest in 2017 year!

Investing money is always about growth. If you are after a rapid and massive growth you have to direct your attention into the stock market and pick the companies which show all signs of bringing high profits in short and long terms. Yes, risks are pretty high (as always on stock markets) but potential yields are definitely worth trying.

Normally, people hire high-paid financial consultants and advisors (individuals or companies) in order to get the real picture of the market. We offer you a better alternative – free professional guide on effective investing money in 2017.

We have picked the TOP 10 stocks which represent companies with the highest investment potential for the 2017 year. The review is made based on top experts’ opinion of leading world banks and professional financial analysis. So, here are the best “buy-and-hold” investing opportunities of a delicious piece of a money pie. Next to the name of the company you will see a ticker symbol (in braces) which is officially used on a stock exchange.

Here we go, let’s play some “Wall Street” games!

1. Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet is the well-known company, which own Google and generates remarkable profit. As you may know, Google earns a terrific amount of money on famous Google ads which are placed at the most popular media platforms. Selling advertising through hundreds of most visited websites makes Alphabet a highly attractive company to invest into in 2017, as there is a forecast of social media and video resources massive growth, hence, the Google’s profits will increase accordingly.

The current balance sheet of the company is astonishing: about $85 billion (including total net cash value and investments). Experts predict the strong uptrend for the next few years, so it’s recommended to start investing this year. Still, there is a moderate risk due to some regulatory problems Google has in Europe.

2. United Technologies (UTX)


United Technologies (UTX)

The company specializes in providing aerospace and building corporations (as well as government in defense sphere) with essential services and products. United Technologies Company’s financial performance speaks louder than any words, as the record shows stable and massive profits due to having not only commercial companies as clients, but also the government.

Currently, company provides investors with a great dividend yield of 2.4%.

These stocks can play a leading role in your investing portfolio, along with assets of low-risk investment strategy to diversify the risks.



This company is compared to a supernova explosion in the energy sector with impressively high commercial potential and great financial performance.

ONE GAS is a distributor of natural gas, providing commercial companies and private homeowners all over the central US. The company has strong reasons to attract investors. The first and foremost sign of company’s future constant growth is that company’s branches are located in states with progressive population growth which mean more homes and more companies needing the gas.

Forecasts predict real gas demand boom in the nearest future, so OGS stocks are going to skyrocket as well.

4. Forterra (FRTA)



The producer of water and drainage infrastructural products showed impressive results of Initial Public Offering (IPO). Annual revenues of the company are about 1 billion dollars, Forterra is expected to announce few major acquisitions in water infrastructure segment. Along with that company has strengthened its positions by creating a whole new platform for producing new infrastructural products.

Speaking about risks, Forterra has more than $1 billion debt but all analysts predict this debt to be reduced in the nearest year. Therefore, based on risks/growth evaluation Forterra is amongst the most attractive companies to invest in 2017.

5. International Business Machines (IBM)

International Business Machines (IBM)

The legendary company is back on track and ready to rumble. IMB has started its innovative transformations in 2015 and the year of 2017 is going to pay off the efforts. New strategy implies making services and products matching needs of modern companies when it comes to security and mobility.

IBM announces significant progress in developing products based on cloud and artificial intellect technologies. The New Era of IBM is declared, and based on the market’s response investors have huge beliefs in the “giant’s” potential. Join them by investing in new “old” star to make a significant profit in short and long terms.

6. Sprouts Farmer’s Market (FSM)

Sprouts Farmer’s Market (FSM)

In spite of recent market’s struggles caused by the deflation of food prices, Sprouts Farmer’s Market is back on track with some new marketing innovation, supporting the company’s mission to provide healthy food at a less cost. Analytics predicts the further growth of FSM as the Company is expanding its presence in the market significantly. What makes it more attractive is the fact that FSM generates strong cash flow so the company is able to fund its expansion without borrowing money, so this eliminates the risks of debts (and hence, the risks of stocks depreciation).

7. ExxonMobil (XOM)

ExxonMobil (XOM)

The oil company is a producer of oil- gas- and petroleum-related products. Comparing to the same period last year when oil prices were almost at record lows, current rates are high and keep rising. The growth is about 50% and all this promises investors significant upcoming profits and results exceeding expectations. ExxonMobil is considered a strong element in the investment portfolio, especially along with some alternative investment assets.

The additional factor making XOM a very delicious piece of pie is relationships between US and Russia which are getting better with new President’s policy. This opens Russia’s areas for new drilling stations of ExxonMobil.

8. Broadcom Limited (AVAGO)

Broadcom Limited (AVAGO)

With a current price of about 180$ per share, Broadcom Limited has stolen the attention of investors with its great plans based on solid financial performance. Experts from Deutsche Bank anticipate massive and quite fast growth in the first half of 2017.

Being a leading company in a wireless technology sector, Broadcom Limited is expected to have its stocks price at the level of 225$ per share and higher.

9. General Motors (GM)

 General Motors (GM)

Amidst concerns that General Motors (and other automotive sector companies) has reached their peaks and thus will not grow further, GM is still considered the best option for investing in this industry. No signs of downtrend are seen by experts and even if stocks will go down, it will be a minor and a very short-term downtrend. Given the recent $500K investment GM received for upcoming innovations, we recommend buying General Motors stock as a long-term investment asset. Taking into account that GM has purchased Cruise Automation last year the General Motors obviously has ambitions to expand its presence in autonomous vehicles industry.

Add some stocks of other companies mentioned above to your portfolio and your profit is guaranteed.

10. CVS pharmacy (CVS)


CVS pharmacy (CVS)

The pharmaceutical giant includes more than 9500 retail pharmacies, clinics and other structures, serving millions of people. The company is on the list of most commercially attractive for investors in the 2017 year due to expected high drugs demand and that means stocks will stay positive and go up.

Currently, CVS is offering 2.5% dividend yield for investors and this number along with experts’ positive forecasts makes CVS a great deal for a long run. If you are after a more quick profit you should get focused on newer emerging companies and startups, especially when it comes to biotechnologies and medical innovations.

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