TOP – 5 investment tools and services for private investments!

When it comes to investing money, the majority of individuals choose financial markets as one of the most profitable spheres. Of course, managing money requires professional skills and lots of specific knowledge. Nevertheless, you, as a private investor may track your investing processes, check portfolios, follow operations with equities and do efficient calculations with the help of technology.

Here we will make a review of the most efficient and easy to use online apps and financials tools which are purposed to make investors’ life easier! Such tools are especially helpful when it comes to investing in high-risk assets.

1. Personal Capital

This is, probably, the most famous and popular free Internet-based application for private investors. The application focuses on your investments, rather than on budgeting (like many other apps do). Just download and install on your tablet or Smartphone in few simple steps.

The investor has instant access to all accounts, including taxable and retirement ones. All transactions, fees, changes in assets allocation are tracked and shown at any time.

Personal Capital

The service combines two effective tools: professional financial adviser and a tracking application. You set the parameters you want to be tracked.

Clever and simple visual graphics allow seeing “big picture” and compare numbers within seconds.

Customized services are available for the minor fee.

2. Morningstar

It’s a powerful, professional financial tracker for all elements of investment portfolio whatever big and complex it is.

Upload your portfolio and instantly receive the full evaluation of investment costs and fee, investment performance, indexes comparison, detailed information on mutual funds portfolio performance, etc.


Morningstar enables an investor to make online real-time tracking of stocks, bonds, fees, and expenses as well as a status of each asset. Still, we’ve rated Morningstar #2 (after the Personal Capital app) because it does not have an option of synchronizing with investment account automatically. It is quite inconvenient as all elements of the portfolio must be added manually.

The basic settings of the app are free, but if you need an advanced set of tool you’ll be charged a membership fee.

3. Google Finance

Google has created a special web-based application for financial data and investment performance. It’s quite easy to track your investment portfolio. Watch and follow any stock you are interested in at any exchange. Easy to use and absolutely for free, this application offers a decent set of customized settings, but still, for the professional evaluations it’s not quite enough.

Google Finance

Previously Google Finance was available for Android but now you can only use its web version. Anyway, if you invest in low-risk assets and you don’t need to stay updated and informed every now and then, Google Finance may come in handy as an alternative for complex investment software.

4. SigFig

SigFid is a specified application which lets you focus solely on investing, without distracting you by numerous another settings. You track your brokerage account, asset management account and diversified income account at any convenient time almost for free (they charge you an annual commission of 0.25-0.5 percents).


It takes less than a minute to set your personal portfolio tracking account and start following market ratings of assets you have in your portfolio. Enter the brokerage information and stay informed 24/7.

5. Betterment


Betterment is another remarkable tool for tracking ratings of every asset which is in your investment portfolio. It’s a brilliant alternative to expensive financial advisors who charge too high fees.

Betterment application automatically generates financial advice according to the market situation. Just pick the asset you are interested in and stay advised any time.

If you set your investment goals, Betterment helps you achieve them by guiding you through your current earnings and letting you know how much is left to your objective (and what are the chances of reaching the certain goal). Easy to install and use, so it’s a perfect tool for beginners.

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