TOP-9 most successful investments in history

World investments history has a numerous number of remarkably successful stories. There are thousands of examples where the single choice made at the right moment has lead to results that exceeded all possible expectations. Still, there are quite a few outstanding cases worth of our attention due to the biggest returns these investments brought to people.  

Rises and falls, fantastic profits and dramatic losses – all this is the part of the exciting and risky journey into the battlefield of money making. Some investors and founders of the most successful startups have become real stars of financial markets. But not everyone knows what lies underneath of their success and what a thorny path they had to take in order to reach the goals.

Let’s take a look at the loudest stories of success resulted from wise and timely investments.

1. Bitcoin in the 2011 year


We have placed crypto currency Bitcoin in the very first place of our TOP-9 for a reason. In the beginning of its rally, the price of bitcoin was about 0.05 dollars and only very few believed it has a potential to grow. If you would have bought some bitcoins that time you would have your profit jumped to the mind-blowing level of 2,253,540% by now.

Bitcoin as an investment vehicle stands out of a crowd as this is a completely virtual currency with no real underlying asset. It could be either bought on the exchange or “mined” through the very time-consuming process with the computers involvement. Bitcoin has all properties of currency (you can make online payments) but it allows the owner to keep full privacy.

2. Dow Jones index in 1932 year

Dow Jones index

Dow Jones index reflects the general “mood” of the stock market and the sentiment of all investors and traders. There were no worse times for stock and for Dow Jones index than the 1932 year, the peak of the Depression in the USA. Still, some investors had a feeling that the wind will change its direction and so they have invested in the Dow Jones. Now, when the index is on all times highs, the profit of those who have invested in Dow Jones would show 39,565% level.

3. Gold in the 1970 year


As you may know, the gold standard was cancelled in the 1971 year, and right before it the price of gold was about 36 U.S dollars per ounce. After the golden standard cancellation, the precious metal has sky-rocketed to unimaginable heights. Thus, if you would have bought gold in the 1970 and hold it until recent years, you would have got about 3500% of profit after selling it. Moreover, if you were lucky enough to sell gold on its all-times high, your profit would be not less than 5000%. Impressive, isn’t it?   

4. McDonald’s in the 1961 year


The famous investor Ray Kroc have decided to make a huge (on a post-war America’s scale) investment in McDonald’s that was run by two brothers these times. By investing 2.7 million dollars Kroc has turned this amount into staggering 500 million dollars by the 1984 year. The ROI of his investment is x54 and if he was still alive his fortune would have exceeded one billion dollars.

5. Domain names

Domain names

On the very beginning of the global web development, there were thousands of available domain names at ridiculously low price. Currently, some of them cost millions of dollars and there are lots of companies and private investors who are ready to pay that price. These are the names made of basic words, like,, etc. For example, the domain name of the website costs about 4 million dollars, while its initial price was just a few dollars. Unfortunately, today it’s almost impossible to invest in domain names as nearly all names are either taken or unavailable.

6. Apple (IPO)


The debut of the Apple stocks was in 1980 and since that time the Company has witnessed many ups and downs reflected in the stocks’ price. The Company has started its journey on the stock exchange with the modest price of 28.75$ per share. Compare this number with its highest price of 702.1$ and you’ll find out that profit is up almost 2000%! That’s a staggering performance!

Now, Apple is among “blue chip” stocks that mean it is amongst most reliable, profitable and economy-influencing stocks.

7. eBay in the 1995 year


In the late nineties, the company named “Benchmark Capital” founded by four partners have made the initial bid on Internet auction eBay by investing 6.7 million dollars. The investment and the commercial “sixth sense” paid off when eBay skyrocketed massively in the 1999 year, bringing Benchmark Capital unimaginable profit of 5 billion dollars (the equivalent of 6.8 billion today).

8. Treasures in the 2008 year


That was quite a remarkable time with a chaos on the market. Almost all investment vehicles and stocks, in particular, were showing the downtrend, while treasures have risen by 30% within just a few months. Thus, T-bills brought incredible profits to investors who were wise enough to buy treasures at the right moment.

9. Facebook in the 2005 year


The founder of a super popular electronic payment system “PayPal” Peter Thiel was able to foresee the huge potential of Facebook in 2005 year. That was the time of another social net “My Space” – the most popular platform, and yet, Peter Thiel invested 500 000$ in Facebook by buying 25 million shares. In 7 years he has sold the major part of shares (80%) for 400 million dollars. That is a remarkably successful investment with ROI (Return on Investment) = 800.

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